A Bike You Can Yike

Here’s a motor-powered bike that fits in your coat closet, and under your desk at work? It’s light and portable and no harder to lug around than a messenger bag or that suitcase you call a purse? So say the creators of YikeBike.

YikeBike Created in New Zealand the strategy is this: “use smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted and stressful cities.” Weighing around 22 pounds and costing between 4 and 5 grand this mini bike goes 12.5 miles per hour and folds up in a minute flat. Sustained by a clean energy lithium battery one charge lasts you 6 miles. Taking just 30 minutes to charge back up again, it seems like fun to go around town on it.

Plus it looks like it won’t hurt your back – it breaks the ‘lean forward over the bars’ paradigm of biking.

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