A Bit Of Shopping

I’m not a guy who really likes going shopping. I spend all of 30 minutes buying shirt – 10 minutes to select 2-3 shirts, 10 to try them on and see if I like them and they fit and the final 10 is paying for them and waiting at the check out line at the big store that I usually go to. I so don’t like spending hours and hours in store, unless they are music stores.

Anyways, I had a bit of a purchase these last two days. Went to Heels to buy a new pair of shoes. These were a bit more expensive than the ones I usually buy but I love them. They are so comfortable, the soles inside are so cushiony and so good for my feet. I love the feeling of my feet against them. They make me wanna dance, dance, dance!

From the same place I also bought a belt. Long belt for the big guy. Here it is all coiled up like a snake and ready to bite!

From ebay India I also bought a new optical wireless/USB mouse. The USB dongle is one of those really small, compact almost hidden ones that get tucked away on the side of your laptop or desktop once you stick it in your USB drive. I prefer those kinds.

There were many other models that I could have gotten and I was a bit confused as to which one to take. However most of the ones with the fancy lights or designs that I wanted had the big dongle and for lack of space I decided against getting one of them. This one is smooth, very sleek and looks absolutely cool. Works amazingly well too!

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