A Bowl Full Of Fruit

I’m beginning to like the look of the fruit bowl in my apartment more than ever. Not the actual bowl but the colourful contents.

Two days back I had bought a bunch of green skinned bananas. Today I had bought a kilo of oranges. When I came home I saw that my dad had bought some pears that were a light yellow and some red pomograntes (my mom loves thoses).

The look of the bowl as I arranged these four different fruits on it was bright, colourful and asthetically pleasing. And what’s that good for your eyes is also very good for you.

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I’m going to increase the fruit intake at home a whole lot more. It is more healthier and more tastier than anything else. Fruit salads are a whole lot more good for you as well. Tomorrow, I’ll get some apples and grapes to complete the set – mangoes are too expensive now!

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