A Brief Absence From The Net

I’ve been having issues with my laptop and finally decided to take the help of the tech team at our office and have them take a look at it. Basically my pc was slow in starting up – two nights ago it took it exactly 20 minutes to boot up – and I also noticed that two folders – one filled with the various wallpapers I use for my desktop and the other, sadly, was a large collection of images from the 5 live action Star Trek tv series & the 11 Star Trek movies as well as various Trek related images – had become corrupt. I could no longer open them and when I double click on these folders, I get an ‘I/O error’ popup message. In fact the latter issue had come up weeks ago but the slowness to the boot up just started a few days ago. But it hadn’t taken this long – 20 minutes is a terrible nightmare – and so I got scared.

I brought my laptop to the office and handed it over to the tech guys. On booting the system they thought that it must be either a virus or that there were some hard disk issues. I asked them to format the hard disk and re-install Win 7 for me from the disk I have. So they did and it looks like there isn’t any issue with the hard disk but it was a possible virus. The drive is now clean and other than Windows 7 files it is empty and waiting to be filled again (kind of like shaving your head bald and waiting for the individual hairs to grow back to full glory). I will take the laptop home this evening and starting installing all the softwares & application that I use. Before bringing the laptop to the office, I had backed up all my files and music and movies that I had on the hard disk. That 1TB drive I bought back in November turned out to be quite handy and critical. So no lost data except for those two folders.

Will be back online this evening I hope!

Update : It was a virus that was creating all the issues. Got my hard disk formatted and reinstalled Windows 7 on it. Works much better now.

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