A Captain Chair For A Starfleet Captain

Finally, finally after thinking about it since waaaay waaaay waaaay back in 2013, I finally got me a proper chair. An executive chair, a computer chair whatever you call it. It’s cushioned comfort for me ass and back is what it is. I cannot believe that I have waited so long to get one. When I first moved to this apartment I had my old chair which was missing a screw and then the arm rest broke when I pushed the chair too hard against the steel almariah that I had in my room.

Pretty soon the chair was abandoned and since then I have been using a red metal chair, which will has been loyal and is a very solid piece of furniture, has also been bad for my back. Hours each day spent sitting on the chair has not been kind to my bum and back and I have wanted to get a nice, cushy chair for so long.


I remember back in 2015 or so I actually went out to try and find a few places that would sell executive chairs and I didn’t like any of the ones I could afford and the ones that I liked were too expensive (for my budget back then). I think it was on the same day that I placed the order for the brown book shelf that you see behind the chair in the pic. So I kept pushing it off and procrastinating a lot. Finally the pandemic broke and we were all stuck indoors. Working from home meant that other than my usual hours spent on my laptop, I also worked an additional 10 hours 5 days a week sitting at the big desktop that my employers shipped to my home.

So since the last 10 days of March I have been working at home and now I have had it with an aching back and butt. This past Saturday, the first day that I went out since the lockdown started, I finally went to Damro and got me a nice big executive chair that I can use for my work and play purposes. This is so much better. I can also pretend that I am Captain Kirk at the captain’s chair of the Enterprise.

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