A Change Of Seasons

I’m going to be changing processes at work (I work for a BPO) by the end of the month. It’s a little bit of a promotion which also comes with a little bit of a pay increase. I applied for the post in January and completed two rounds – one of which was a presentation and the other was an interview – by the end of January and then had to wait till the 28th of February (there were some other applicants) to get the result.

I was told on Monday and show a mail declaring that I was through and that my release date from this process to the other one was to be on the 30th of March. I am happy about it. I hope I can do really well in my new post and I can succeed with some satisfaction. I wasn’t happy in my current process and really wanted a change. Truth be told I was getting impatient. I was in this process for 2 years and 2 years in a process that you do not like or enjoy is a bit too much. So I am happy about the change. I am going to have issues with not working next to the Training & Quality team that I have been with for these 2 years but we work in the same organization and will be just 2 floors apart and we only have the one main cafeteria so I will see them a lot.

So I will spend March getting the new guy, or guys if they add more folks, prepared to handle the stuff that I have been doing and mostly the administrative tasks which are many and has a lot of reports and stuff. And I will look forward to a new profile and process. I have a good feeling.

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