A Dream About A Slimy Monster

I had this weird dream a couple of nights ago. It was straight outta a mid 80s horror movie – it even looked and the special effects of a horror movie of that era! I actually think this is a horror movie that I have seen many years ago just rehashed into my sleep and dreams. I dunno.

It’s a small city in the mid-western USA (aren’t all 80s horror movies in small towns or cities in the Mid West) and there is a celebration going on as the local school’s sports team (can’t remember which sport it was, either basketball or American football) has just won their 10th game in a row. So the players, cheerleaders, other students are all partying and celebrating by making a lot of noise and drinking cheap beer and honking horns. In the midst of all this, a small tremor occurs near the lake next to the town and a fissure opens up and out comes a horrible looking, stinky mess of dark brown slime with a mouth and two eyes. For the sake of this blog post let’s call this monster the slimo. The slimo is angry that it’s resting place was disturbed and is on a rampage – it sees two teenagers skinny dipping nearby and things these humans are the reason it has been moved out of it’s natural resting place and slowly glides towards them, unseen in the dark. The slimo then attacks the two teens – the effect of the slimo’s touch is a extreme burning off of the skin so that only the human flesh remains while the human is still alive. As the teens scream in agony the slimo then swallows them whole, digesting them as the flesh burns in him in a matter of minutes.

The slimo now feeling more powerful then goes about the town attacking people in the dark – in the streets, in their houses and swallowing up people. A few people manage to escape as they run faster than it can glide. It reaches a big house where the drunk students are partying – and slimo relishes feasting on drunk teenagers who stumble and fall and it manages to kill off 90% of the high school. The local cops and the townsfolks have no idea what to do to stop the slimo as cars, trucks, guns have no effect on it. Finally it enters the local hospital….

and that’s when I woke up.

3 thoughts on “A Dream About A Slimy Monster

  1. Dude..what a dream..I mean I would not sleep for one week plus if I see one such..And you are right, while we drive across the country sides, where you find a farm house deserted around a beautiful farm with barn, you get reminded of the possible ghost movies that can be shot there.

  2. @Viji – I have some weird dreams. Why else would I name my blog “Awake & Dreaming”. Check the archives for some more dreams that I managed to write down.

    @George – Like the one in Ghostbusters?

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