A Fictional Character Who I’d To Come Alive

Jessica Rabbit! Why? Take one look at the most dangerous curves in the history of the universe, those eyes, lips, hair and then ask me why.

Not convinced? Ok look at that bosom and those long legs that go on for miles. If you are not convinced you are either a straight woman or a gay guy! Or dead. If she come alive and sashayed her way, swinging her hips and walking (or bouncing as the case might be) her way towards me, I might get a heart attack.

But before that my eyes would bulge outta my sockets and roll out my head and do the once over her curvaceous, bodacious, babelicious body and my lips would automatically do a few wolf whistles and howling. I would clap my hands and stomp my feet and probably break a few bottles on the tables next to me in excitement.

Ofcourse I would have to beat & fend off prospective suitor for Ms. Jessica’s attentions & affection and I would not think twice before drawing blood in defense of what I think should be mine. She’s mine all mine and I will kick you ass from here till Timbuktu to ensure that she stays mine. Ofcourse when she comes alive, she will only have eyes for me.

And she will want to tease me, please me all night long!!

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