A Fine Way To Spend Sunday

I had arranged with Binny to meet at Barista Cafe at around 12:15 pm today. Agenda – I was to bring my portable hard drive so he could copy Season 1 & half of Season 2 of Star Trek Voyager into his laptop. We’ve been planning this meeting for a few days but it got delayed due to my ankle sprain. Anyways, I also offered to give him a couple of other movies & tv stuff while he would give me a few movies from his giant list.

At around 11:45 am, Binny finished watching a movie and headed out to Bay Pride Mall only to find Barista closed (with a sign that read ‘Sorry for the inconvenience) and so the venue was changed to right next door – the Bay Pride Mall’s food court! By 12:15 I was there and we sipped our cold drinks and chatted while he copied the files. I got a few movies – You’ve Got Mail, Logan’s Run, Evan Almighty, Hot Fuzz & Apocalypto – copied into my external drive.

About an hour later, he went to meet his brother at the movies and I left to meet a friend at Velocity for drinks & lunch. Turns out my friend had to cancel but I was hungry and thirsty so what the fuck, I’m in a bar and so I ordered some noodles & pork and down four vodkas. The bar had a dvd of Boney M videos and live songs playing on their large tv. There was a group of 6 huge men in their late 40s and early 50s bouncing around and bopping about in their seats to the beat of Boney M. Bopping – I just love this word!

I enjoyed my lunch and drinks and it was time to get back to the apartment for a little snooze. I watched an episode of Star Trek Voyager before I slept and I woke up to get a cup of coffee and watched You’ve Got Mail. I’ve seen this movie about 10 or 12 times and I love it. There’s a couple of things that I want to post about this movie, so hold on for a bit.

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