A Free Ride to the Moon? Yes Or No?

I guess the moon has held mankind’s fascination & fantasy for as long as……we existed! When pre-historic apes or cavemen looked up at the night sky and wondered in awe at the big, white-ish globe in the heavens, they must have said to each other “ugh ropp agh”! Lol, that’s ancient human language for “there’s the moon”!

Jokes aside, even now the moon is a beautiful, mysterious and fascinating object to behold and spin stories about. I remember stories about the man in the moon, the moon being made up of cheese, the full moon affecting people so much that they start howling and become wolf-like in nature & appearance! The list is long and endless.

So why would I not want to get a free ride to the moon? Be one like Armstrong, Aldrin and others who have set foot on her. Look up or is it down at the Earth and see our home in all her splendour. And it is at that precise moment, having gone were so few have gone before, achieving what so many millions have dreams about and standing on the surface of something that is not the earth, I will fill my lungs with air in my spacesuit and scream……


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