A Ghost & Sounds Of Hell

One of girls in my office, someone I trained and guided to do her job, was telling me about ghosts in her hostel, which is a convent run by nuns and tells me “if there is a god, there must a devil and ghosts are powered by the devil.” Why must every girls hostel run by nuns or devout Christians have a problem with ghosts – I do not know, but I find that is the norm!

Anyways she went on about this ghost and how the nuns do some prayers to ward her off (why don’t do an exorcism?) and still she visits them on a regular basis, scaring the girls on stairways and bathrooms. I was laughing loudly and shaking my head for a lot of it.
But then she went on step further – she told me about the Sounds of Hell! What she told me was that NASA dug a huge hole in the ground and they could hear demonic sounds and the sounds of people being tortured – which the religious minded claim to be hell. I did a quick search and found out what she was being told by the nuns – The sounds can be heard here.

And this is the urban legend she was referring too. It wasn’t in Siberia, it was a hoax (obviously) and what the heck is NASA doing digging a borehole in Siberia????

Needless to say, I laughed so hard at her, that she got embarrassed and promised me to find out about the ‘myth’ herself!!!

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