A Gourmet Meal For Mom & Me

All this talk about militants has got me down. What if they blow up the town and everyone in it? What should be my last supper? Well thinking about that and my upcoming review with top brass, made me hungry and I knew something should be done. I also wanted to give a treat for my mom, so I told her not to bother with cooking dinner. I came home and checked the toll free directory assistance and got the number for Domino’s Pizza. I had never called them up before and only had a few wedges with colleagues from my previous firm.

So we ordered ourselves a Gourmet veggie pizza (pictured above) and it was huge and delicious. 3 slices later and I am full! I had sips of cold apple juice to chase it down. Man that was good; seems to me that pizza should be veggie and not with meat. I dunno, maybe it’s just me I guess.

Gourmet pizza is a spicy pizza topped with golden corn, loaded with extra cheese & packs quite a punch with jalapeno and black olives!

3 thoughts on “A Gourmet Meal For Mom & Me

  1. I like what a friend of mine in Ontario had to say in his bio “I have never met a pizza that I didn’t like!” ;)

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