A Great Flirting Line

I don’t know if you’d call it a a pick-up line per se, it’s more like a flirtatious & harmless little line that always seems to do the trick for me as far as breaking the ice and making a girl laugh and open up to me. The last few times I have used it has had tremendous effect and I know that this seems to be a memorable line for them women who I have used it. So what’s my favourite line:

“Do  you know that you’re so angry when you’re beautiful?”

I’ve tried this over the phone, face to face in person with women and it’s guaranteed to get me a laugh and quite a few smiles. I usually do this during a little flirting session or even when we are casual chatting. Even did it once during a mild argument and the effect was fabulous. The woman who was arguing with me, a friend & colleague, stopped as if she was hit by lightning as soon as she heard me say the words, I could see her trying in vain to hold back her laughter but I could see the twinkle in her eyes. I then winked at her and smiled and watched in pleasure as she laughed out loud and pinched my cheek and said that I was impossible!

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