A Great Survival Story

A Swedish man snowed in his car survived for two months while being trapped in. The 45-year-old man, who had no food, was huddled inside a sleeping bag, emaciated, and close to death when he was discovered by people on snowmobiles on Friday. He told his rescuers that he was trapped in his car from December 19, 2011. Doctors say that this rare kind of situation, was probably because his snowed in became like an igloo, which is why he has managed to get through this cold, which went down to -30 centigrade in that area.

No-one is sure why the man, identified in the media as Peter Skyllberg, apparently chose to stay in the car at the end of a road leading off a major highway, but it has certainly attracted attention from around the world. Bertil Wallin, who has been covering the story for the local newspaper the Vasterbotten Courier, said the man had been eating snow. “Nothing else. He had food for one day and I think he had decided to stay with the car for some reason that no one knows why,” he said.

No-one has missed him during this time which sounds sad. His full story of two months with nothing but melted snow may never be told and, if his rescuers had been a little less curious, one of the most remarkable stories of all time would never have survived – and nor would he.

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  1. I read about this too and I couldn’t believe it. What an incredible but bizarre experience. What was he doing in that car? It’s very strange. It really is miraculous that he survived.

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