A Huge Negative Aspect Of Working From Home That Affect Some

Flexible working hours are one of the benefits of remote work. It lets employees structure their days according to their convenience. But, this can turn into a disadvantage for some employees. Some may forget to clock out and differentiate between work-life and home-life. This might lead to working longer than one should, thus; resulting in employee burn-out and added stress. Whereas working in an office helps to draw the line between professional and private life.

Getting taken advantage of is also a very real threat to your sanity. As long as their work systems and network connectivity is up, why not make the employees work a few more hours – is probably what most upper management have been thinking since the pandemic hit us. And usually it’s with no extra pay! So no benefits to the employees other than the fact that they can work from the comfort of home and their commute is cut.

The tendency for some employees to stay online and work till they have to sleep, eat their meals at their desk and take breaks only for bathroom breaks is going to kill them in the end. The life style is not sustainable and the health repercussions will not be worth it as what is all these extra hours doing for you or getting for you? Perhaps not even a pat on the back!

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