A Knock On My Door Makes Me Nervous

As a guy who has sung Bryan Adams songs live in front of two sets of actual crowds of people (the first one was very small, just about 50, and the second must have been 200 atleast), I know that a lot of his songs suits my voice a lot. The songs of his that I have sung were Please Forgive Me, Heaven, On A Day Like Today & Summer Of 69.

I’m going to be part of an office off site meeting in January, which will be 50% work and 50% fun! Among the festivities, once the work stuff is done, along with food & drink, is that we’re getting an acoustic guitarist & a keyboard player and make people sing on a small stage. It’s going to be less than 50 people, so it’s very small scale. I’m thinking of singing Adams’ Room Service, which is off his 2005 album of the same name. Here’s the video below.

Ofcourse it can’t be an arena rocker with a full band, given our limitations. So I searched Youtube and found this slower version with just him on an acoustic guitar. I like this version a lot. So in January, I’m going to go unplugged. Enjoy the songs.

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