A Law That Should Exist

A law that should be enforced on people is a simple one yet it can avoid dangerous situations. Parents or any other adults should not be allowed to forced feed any religious crap down a small child’s brain. A child in India, belonging to either a Hindu, Muslim or Christian family is subjugated to mind altering agendas even before he/she can talk. This has got to stop. You are poisoning an innocent mind even before she/he can spell. However good intentioned the parent or relative, this is absolutely playing with fire. The kid is taught that there is an imaginary person in the sky who will protect it and that in return all he/she has to do is pray a 100 times a week and basically kiss it’s ass. Not cool!

Think about it, grandmothers are the biggest culprits in this case, especially in Kerala and I’m sure in lots of oher areas of India. Bath the kid the first thing in the morning, adorn it’s face with kajal and all kinds of stuff, bring the kid to the pooja room in front of their favourite deity Krishna, standing in all his glory, blowing on the flute of his. And what does that grandmother make the kid say “Ambadi Krishna, enne rakshikyane!” (oh Krishna keep me safe/save me). Kid is shown how to fold his/her hands in prayer and that image & behaviour is embedded in the poor SOB’s mind. One lifetime of slavery to the Blue bugger is created and damn it you have a religious convert. This is the only reason why there are so many religious people.

It’s not restricted to Hindusim; Christians also are criminals in this act. And don’t get me started on Muslims and Islam. The less said the better. And now let’s start the death threats. All I am saying is believe in the fairy in he sky if you want to. Don’t force feed an individual on that religious crap; wait until they can think for themselves and then make a choice after carefully evaluating all the facts and fiction (holy books) before declaring themselves as a Christian, Muslim or Hindu.

If after all that they still wanna be a religious person…….well…then….Satan bless you. HAHAHAHAHA!

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5 thoughts on “A Law That Should Exist

  1. I couldn’t agree more, especially for people with an extreme or fundamentalist point of view. Let kids make their own choices, I say. You raise some great points!

  2. Thank you Selma. Kids have got to have a chance before they go blindly where their parents have stumbled into before them.

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