A Love Letter To KSEB

kicking the dog download Hello dear fucktards at KSEB

I just wanted to start off by saying “Congratulations”! You’ve officially made it to the world’s most idiotically run Electricity board. You couldn’t get your heads out of your assholes if you tried. So how are you working at the state run electricity board? Is there a test for idiots that you apply for and the ones with the stoopidest answers and lowest scores are selected?

First of all, if there is a scheduled power cut for the entire state then stick to that schedule. If on a particulat week, a section is supposed to have a power cut at 7:30 pm Don’t, and I mean Don’t, start it at 7 pm and screw it up for the people living in that area. You keep screwing it up every month. It’s not funny anymore, rejects!

And if there is a scheduled power cut why do you also have unscheduled power cuts in the same fucking day? Selling off huge chunks of power to Tamil Nadu and keeping us in the dark! What the fuck is that? Yesterday the power went out 3 times in total. Once at 10:50 am, then at 6:20 pm and then the scheduled power outtage at 9:30 pm. What are you doing at that time? Wiping you prissy little dicks?

download gallipoli online And this week, isn’t it supposed to go back to 7 pm, since it was 9:30 pm for the whole of last week? Why can’t you keep a stupid fucking schedule and stick to it? Are you all just a bunch of jerks & assholes? Grow a brain, dickheads!!

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