A Lovely Marpole Apartment

This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath is huge & spacious. There’s a humungous balcony/sitout and a triangle shaped den. Living room = huge, master bedroom = huge, second bedroom = big. You can put an NHL size rink in the bedroom and a football pitch in the living room+dining area. Love this apartment.

Only complaint that I have is the bathroom attached to the master bedroom – it’s only a sink and a toilet – where’s the bathtub and shower? That aside, it’s a wonderful layout.

3 thoughts on “A Lovely Marpole Apartment

  1. are homes small in india?

    this is big appartment but not THAT big, it’s quite common to see huuuge spaces… of course not in Vancouver, that’s unaffordable LOL!

    I think you’d love our place

  2. Some are big but most apartments I’ve seen here in my area would be smaller than this apartment here. It’s just that the rooms are so big in this one. My current apartment is a small one & I hope to move to a larger one sometime in the next 3-4 months.

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