A Miscarriage Of Justice

For the first time today I watched a show that I had never seen, well some of an episode on the tv in a cafe as I sat there enjoying a coffee and a sandwich. And I was appalled!

When great scifi & such shows are cancelled due to budgetary concerns against an audience who can’t understand the complex issues & themes in it, here is mindless drivel being shot and pumped up to showcase as a “cultural reference” of our times and it gets a lot more air time and maybe even viewers.

Star Trek TOS – cancelled after 3 seasons
Stargate Atlantis – cancelled after 5 seasons
Stargate Universe – cancelled after 2 seasons
Angel – cancelled after 5 seasons
Firefly – cancelled after 14 episodes
The River & Terra Nova – cancelled after 1 season each

Jersey fucking Shore – gets 6 seasons!!! This crap was on tv for 6 years???

The episode I watched today had one chick, so drunk, she kept dancing and falling on her ass in the middle of the day. She went on claiming herself to be a “meatball” and made a huge spectacle of herself. Finally she was dancing on the street and blocking traffic so the cops arrested her! Another two fugly females went to the hospital cause one of the girls had a sprain that turned out to be a minor ankle and this idiot friend of her says “Well I’m disabled because I’m pregnant and now you are disabled so let’s be disabled together!” A pregnancy is a disability?!!!?

Fuck me sideways!

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