A Perfect Sunday Morning…

The perfect Sunday morning? Is there such a thing as a perfect Sunday morning or a perfect Sunday? I’d really like to top things off make one Sunday much better than the previous one. I dunno – if I had a perfect Sunday morning then what would the point be in going on? No other Sunday morning would be able to match up with it and hence I will be constantly comparing and pointing out the things that are lacking in each following Sunday when compared to the previous one and then start to get all sad and grumpy and downright depressed because I have nothing more to look forward to when it comes to a Sunday morning! And that could ruin the whole effect of this great day of the week for me. And we wouldn’t want that!

Anyways….so where was I? Oh ok. To think about a perfect Sunday morning – how’s this? I wake up early unaware of the wonderfulness that awaits me. It’s a gorgeous and breezy morning and the sun is out but it’s not too hot. I open the door to get the newspaper and the milk and see, yes they both are there, but someone has also left freshly made croissants in a bowl for me! A well meaning neighbour perhaps. Brilliant, so now on to coffee making! I happen to make some which is just the right sweetness and just the right amount of coffee powder to create a heavenly cup. Awesome and the croissants taste delicious with my coffee! Read the papers, have a shave and a shower and check out what’s happening around town. Oh a new store that sells discount books and dvds/blurays? Must check that out.

While checking out the new store, I bump into a lovely woman who shares the same interests as me in music and movies and we get to talking. And surprise – she’s my new neighbour who left me the delicious croissants. “Thank you fair maiden and can I repay the favour by taking you out for some coffee as soon as we are done here?” I ask. “Why yes ofcourse. I’ll be delighted to join you for coffee”! (no I didn’t transport myself into 18th century England, no matter how it sounds). And so we sit in a cafe and we share a couple of cups of coffee and we laugh and we talk and the times goes on by….it’s only getting started!

So how does that sound?

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