A Personal & Professional Milestone For Me

I’ve finally got it. The grade hike that I felt was pending for the past 10 months. The pay hike should be shortly along. It’s finally paying off. I’ve been promoted to the grade of Assistant Manager and will take care of training (as I have been doing for the past 10 month).

I got promoted to the post of Training team lead 10 months back. They added an AM to take care of both Quality & Training for the Cochin branch of the BPO I work for. He was supposed to work in the post of manager for both the departments, while I took care of training & my counterpart took care of quality.  Basically the two of us were doing Assistant Manager work but our grade & pay did not show it. And I was pretty much managing training on my own except for high level escalations which I would ask the acting manager to take care off.

Now, it’s changed. I will soon be heading training on my own. There will be a remote manager in another state who I will be reporting to on an occasional basis and probably send out monthly reports to. And ofcourse there is the DGM of training. Plus our center head. There’s negligible change in the job that I will be doing. I just hope the pay is much better. I will find out on the 31st as to just how much they are ‘blessing’ me with.

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And yeah, I get the green tag on my company id card (lanyard) which identifies my grade as that of AM and above (uptil DGM).


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