A Possibly Sensitive Subject

Today I had the most dangerous kind of auto rikshaw (3 wheeler taxi) ride of my life. I had gone to the bank around 11:45 am and then had to go to buy medicines at Broadway. So I hailed an auto at Padma and asked him to take me to take to Menaka from where it is just a hop & a skip away to Broadway (parallel to Menaka junction). What I didn’t know was that the driver would take an alternate route, take a couple of wrong turns and end up in the market road area – which is about as wide as a telephone booth and has five times as many people & vehicles than it should have any right to! Seriously I dunno how come we didn’t hit even one auto, car, bike or person as he swerved this way & that and we managed to squeeze our way in between 3 people and 10 autos in small roads. It could cause a Westerner a heart attack and reduce you to a nervous wreck. It was all in a day’s work for him and other than the fact that it took us 30 minutes instead of 5, no harm done!

Well after that I needed a cold one to calm me down (plus it was hot as hell) and soon I walked into Coffee Beans for a frappe. What do I see there – genuine eye candy! Two hot Europeans (Dutch or Belgian I am guess by what they spoke) – one blonde, cute and sweet & the other redhead, sexy as hell! Now, I want to be decent and not stare as that is rude but, but………Oh my, this redhead was turning me on full throttle. And she was rubbing her thighs as she sat on my left, nice, creamy long legs & thighs! (FOCUS – my eyes were glazing there, sorry) They both were wearing tees and shorts – tight, tight shorts. When they got up after paying for their coffees and walked out, I could see their shorts in all their glory. The redhead’s shorts were on so tight, as she walked on by, I could see the partition between Belgium & the Netherlands (instead of Pakistan & India as I would have put usually). I noticed just after they left that one of them had left behind a small purse, enough to keep a few coins & notes on the seat and I took and followed them. I handed it to the blonde and they both said thank you, I said welcome and went back to my coffee!

Now here’s my point. I am by no means an indecent guy. I will look but I won’t be rude and I certainly won’t trouble anyone. I admire and I will keep a respectful distance. Whatever you may think of me, I do not want to be disrespectful. But I really wish that Western women, specially two young & beautiful women traveling on their own, while on tour in India would be careful what they wear. We aren’t used to women dressing in such skimpy outfits in India and the fact is that they could be prey to men who could do them harm if they are not careful. They go to an area that has less people and with the wrong social element hanging around and they could get mugged and/or raped. I know that most women do not like it when being told that the way they dressed can be the direct cause of a rape – I agree that no one, no man or woman, has the right to do harm to any other man or woman, irrespective of the clothes. And wearing a full head to toe covering outfit or a suit with coat does not ensure their safety. This is such a sensitive subject that I know I will get heat for even mentioning it.

But I know what the folks here – some of them ofcourse, most are decent enough – are capable of and dressing in skimpy outfits isn’t helping it. India has already a bad name due to some instances – harmless glances & smiles are one thing. Passing lewd comments, making obscene gestures and harassing women is totally another. And ofcourse bodily harm is disgusting! I would love to have opinions on the same from my women readers (that’s almost all of you – why is that?) and I would like to post all your points in a discussion on a blog post here sometime soon.

Good grief – I started this post telling you about my casual day and having some lovely eye candy to look at. Now I feel that I shouldn’t even look!

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