A Quiet Weekend

So this weekend has been mostly one of quiet downtime. The last few weekends since late September I have gone out atleast on one of the two weekend days and gone for either beer, pizza or burgers or whatever food that it is I crave on that day. I even went for a couple of movies and went to Lulu Mall. The other day I spent at home. The last two weekends have been beer drinking and good food and I even went out this Wednesday.

This weekend however I knew that I wanted to just chill and relax at home. Mainly as I would be working 8:30 am for the next few days. Tomorrow infact I have to wake up at 5 am so I can get to the office by 7:30 am or 7:45 am. This is because we have some of the clients in the office at that time and they will be conducting a training for some of us. They are giving us new business and this means growth for our company and process. I too will be attending the training and then the next week I think I have to train some of our employees on the new process.

So yesterday I slept in and had a light lunch and watched Prometheus in the afternoon. I spent the evening drinking coffee and watching Youtube videos. At night it was a Mutton Whopper with fries, two hash browns and a Pepsi. I watched some tv. Today again, light breakfast and light lunch but we are having shawarma plates for dinner and I will watch Alien : Covenant before I sleep early. I have been drinking a lot of juice this weekend as well.

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