A Reality Show I’d Try Out For

Indian Idol – but they only sing in Hindi and so no thanks. American Idol or The X-Factor or India’s Got Talent. I would rock that joint and bring the stage down and blow the roof off the house! And no I would not use explosives at all! But wait; the really best singing competitions in my awesomely correct opinion were the two seasons of Rock StarRock Star INXS which started the whole ball game and featured a lot of excellent talent and Rock Star Supernova, which admittedly was just pulled up to ride on the bandwagon and was not really sincere at all but hell anything those rockers did was so much better than watching stupid 16 year old American girls trying to prove the America that Britney, Christina & Mary J Bitch songs have actual meaning & emotion!

So that would have been my number one choice. I also liked some of the home improvement shows because of the really good designs that they have. And ofcourse I would want to be the Bachelor that sexy women would be competing for. Isn’t that every single guy’s dream….every single straight guy’s dream and yes many married men’s dream as well? Some of the dames who have come on these shows will do anything just to get a little attention and so it could be a lot of fun (spelled S. E. X) to be around that kind of a situation.

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