A Russian Tragedy

This is a catastrophe! An un-natural disaster! A terrible, horrible calamity that has befallen on the like of me! Is there no respite in sight?

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download what we do is secret Yesterday when I went out @ 7pm for a couple of drinks and dinner at my usual bar, I was shocked to see that in the menu they had shown the new rates for vodka. Smirnoff has jumped from Rs.80 to Rs.110 per 60 ml in just a week! MGM from Rs.50 to Rs.85! Almost every vodka brand that they had were in the Rs.85 or above bracket. Except for Muscovy (which is too stiff & bitter) and Romanov (which used to be my normal poison till about a year ago) which were both at Rs.50. Both were not available.

What in the world is happening? Has the trade route to Russia been strewn with barricades and road blocks? Has Russia declared a silent war on India and blocked the sales of vodka? It can’t be so because some of the vodka is made in India and certainly brands like MGM & Romanova are Indian. Then what gives? Should I switch from vodka to something else? No, I don’t want to. I’m going to try a couple of other bars and see if the situation is the same.

In the end I had two beers and fried rice and sorrowfully sat there for 2 hours.

3 thoughts on “A Russian Tragedy”

  1. I remember a few years back here in North America, the price of Tequila jumped way up. Seems there was an agave cactus shortage (Which they use to make the tequila) hence the jump in ‘scarcity’ prices.

    Perhaps there is a potato shortage similarily affecting vodka?

  2. @ Darren : Long time no news from you Darren. Welcome back buddy. Not sure about the potato shortage or anything shortage. I will follow it up.

    @ Jessica : Yes dear, I had an ok time. I always do if I am having a drink or two. On my way home, I bought a big chocolate bar with rum, nuts & raisins in it. It was yummy.

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