A Sexy WordPress Plugin

Those handful of you regular readers will have noticed that I’ve been doing some redesigning of the blog’s template and changing of the WordPress theme. I’ve changed my theme far too many times to count, I must say. Unfortunately, WordPress themes are like hot women….there’s always a hotter one round the corner!

Along with the theme, I had also wanted to change the plugin for the social bookmarking sites that preceed each blog posts. Nothing much with the earlier one that I was using but I felt that the icons were a bit too dull, unless you bring your mouse cursor on top of them! Then the icon changes to a more colourful one. So here comes Sexy Bookmark Plugin.

You can download the latest version,, here at the official website. Or you can also download it  at the WordPress plugin page as well. As far as social bookmarking plugins go, this one is really sexy.

3 thoughts on “A Sexy WordPress Plugin

  1. I always try to thank everyone who mentions our plugin, but as you can imagine, it does sometimes get a bit difficult when there are thousands of people mentioning it! haha

    Thanks again!

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