A Single Law….With Lots Of Implications

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

Ahahahahaha (rubs hands in glee and has that evil look of power on his face) this is something I dream about. Ok, so if I had the power to enact a single law – just one – that has to be followed all over the world, which one would it be?

I would ban religion, no. But I’d enact a law that gives it the same power as that of any fan club. The same powers as a fan club of say a movie star or a rock band. Or like a community  for Star Trek or Star Wars or Stargate fans. A fan club – because that’s essentially what all religions are. Same for religious cults. Thereby stripping all the current power that they have in society and nullify any and all power that they have over politics and politicians. And thus they also have to pay taxes like everyone else. And no more space associated with churches, mosques & temples. All money & wealth will be confiscated and goes to the government. Better yet it will be distributed among the orphanages and the homeless & the poor families. Religious organizations will have to buy a building like everyone else in the usual family, apply for licenses to have a club / function held and pay for everything. Just like any other club or organization has to.

So religious organizations cannot run schools, colleges, hostels etc. Everything will have to be done by secular run organizations. No money donations pouring in they will have to be funded in the normal ways and no black money. Also any and all priests accused of crimes, especially of the sexual manner, will be investigated like normal people and put behind bars and fined if found guilty. And no clout to get them off scot free.

Let’s put all that excess money to feed, clothe & provide shelter to everyone and spend the rest on education & healthcare & science. And progress.

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