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I’m kinda stuck for a topic to blog about. A few things are happening but I’m not ready to blog about them at the moment and in one or two cases I can’t blog about them openly for all to see. I might end up with a couple of blog posts that will be password protected and only family, close friends (of the real kind and the internet kind) will be given the password to read them. In the meanwhile here’s just a few random things:

Some food love – we’re getting some really well done, tasty & big fish being served fried in our office cafeteria. Excellently prepared and succulent, I feel like buying a few to go and get some vodka and pair them together. I’m also loving the instant soup that I’ve had a bit of this week. Also, I had an excellent mocha coffee this evening @Coffee Beans. Really went down well, hot and just the right amount of sweet. Just what we need on a rainy night. That coffee and a good club sandwich was my dinner.

I’ve been part of two interview panels for the presentation rounds recently. One was last week and one was today. Last week it was for AM operations and today it was for a trainer post. While I am part of the judging panel, I can’t help be excited for these young people, just as I was more than 2 years ago when I got promoted. I’ve also been a judge last year twice and especially for 4 of my now 6 member team. The investment I took for those two selection rounds was much larger and a total of 11 people were selected at that time. A couple have left the organization but the others are still doing well.

I’m working tomorrow, although I’m supposed to be on an off from work. As I took sick leaves on both Monday & Tuesday, I want to work them off – I also worked on Wednesday which was a public holiday – and save my leaves. This is because I have plans to take a long break in December if I can get it. A week or 9 days of peace and doing nothing related to work. I don’t want to get even one phone call from the office or the clients. I don’t want to see family members either. I don’t want stress, tension or to get pissed off. I’m checking to see about renting a small place, a budget holiday and do nothing for the entire duration. Recharge my batteries and get back refreshed and relaxed, ready to face the world again. Now, I’m not sure if I can get it but I’m going to try and apply for the leave next week.

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