A Texas Tall Tale

There I was standing in the middle of a huge shopping mall, looking all around me as I took in the beautiful stores & places of business. There were banks, boutiques, coffee shops, a few restaurants, hair salons, shoe stores – you name it they had it. Stores that sold toys, games, cell phones, desktops & laptops, cds, musical instruments. They had a huge water slide and a gigantic swimming pool. Yes sir, Texas always like them big, just like the state and the big blue sky.

It was a feast for the eyes and senses; I could smell pizza, sausages & hamburgers being cooked in all directions. I gazed in envy at the people who had the money to spend on all the things being sold, gadgets beyond my miserly budget. I checked my wallet and decided that I had enough for a couple of big pizza slices and a soda. I ate my pizza at a corner table and watched the beautiful blue-eyed blond Texan cheerleader types walk on by. I lustfully wondered if I had a chance with a particularly gorgeous girl who could have been an actress or atleast a model if she wanted to. She certainly had the legs for it, as well as the bust! I couldn’t keep my eyes of her assets, encased in an Aerosmith t-shirt.

I walked along the hallways with my soda can in my hand and sipped the sweet drink. I then saw that they had a small zoo in the mall – really, the things that could be done with American money. And they did it in style. I chucked my now empty can into the trash bin and walked along to join a group of moms & kids who were eagerly looking at & chatting about the various animals. I counted the exotic birds, the snakes & other reptiles in huge glass cases, the cute koala bears and the monkeys. But the one that caught my attention the most were the manatees. I had never ever seen a manatee up close and was fascinated with this gentle giants that looked as graceful & chubby at the same time.

A baby manatee seemed to be following my every move while swimming in it’s huge tank. It’s mommy was nearby but she didn’t seem to be paying attention to the fact that her baby had made a new friend. A big smile must have been plastered on my face cause the next thing I know, I hear a sexy voice saying “I think it likes you”. I turn around and gaze at the big, beautiful eyes of the Aerosmith babe, looking at me and return her smile. We start talking and I get her to exchange numbers with me. Before I leave I go to see my little friend – thanks baby manatee!

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2 thoughts on “A Texas Tall Tale

  1. I’m guessing that they have these water slides & mini-zoos in huge malls in Texas. I saw something similar while watching a Discovery channel program on the West Edmonton Mall (I think it was the largest mall until a couple of years ago) and they had this huge indoor beach and stuff. I based it on that.

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