A Typical Work Day

Here is my current work day schedule.

  • I wake up at 6:30 am and struggle in bed till about 7 am. By that time I get a big cup of coffee and go online, read the newspaper and stuff.
  • I take a shower & a shave at around 7:45-7:50 am. I have breakfast and get ready.
  • I leave my apartment at around 8:40 am and make my way towards Kaloor bus stand and await a bus heading to Thrissur.
  • I usually get a bus around 9am and settle in one of the seats. I pay the fare and usually nod off for around 30 minutes during the 70 minute drive. The drive is shorter if I get a bus that does not take the turn to Aluva central and thus shave off around 10-15 minutes.
  • I reach Koratty between 9:45-10 am and go to the office.
  • I conduct training sessions for the first batch of agents for our call center. Currently I am focusing on communication skills and soon we will go into the product & process training.
  • At 1 pm I give them a lunch break and then I head towards the little cafeteria in the Infopark. From Monday this may change, but I’m only getting snacks for lunch – vadas, cutlets or banana fritters and a portion of mug noodles. I also drink lemonade along with lunch and lots of water (as we don’t have drinking water supply in the office as of yet).
  • Post lunch we continue till about 5pm. I send the agents back home and I check on the stuff in the office and head for home. I usually get a bus heading to Aluva and from the KSRTC bus stop at Aluva I take another bus heading for Ernakulam. I reach home around 7pm.

It might seem very short, except for the duration that it takes me to get to the office but trust me that this is only for now. Once we go live with the project, things will be a lot more hectic.

3 thoughts on “A Typical Work Day

  1. Ohh don’t say call centre!

    UK uses a lot of call centres in India and it drives me NUTS!

    No offence to the people themselves but they are obviously reading from a script from which they will not deviate, so it makes them appear to be heartless unkind morons.

    I had a dreadful experience when making an insurance claim a couple of years ago..

    I hope you train your team to be nice to people

  2. I’ve been in the call center/customer service industry from 2002 onwards

    My first stint was selling credit cards, long distance calling & Sprint connections to Americans. I did that for a while.

    Then I moved to an Indian Mobile service provider, Escaotel/Idea, and worked first as a CSA and then call center mentor. I moved into training and did that for a year.

    My last job before this was with a major BPO which has a lot of UK clients (if you are a Sky subscriber you may have spoken to someone from Firstsource Solutions.

    My current job is with a small startup and don’t worry I am big on quality. But our clients are based out of the US so only American customers.

  3. Hi Roshan,

    Does your blog not have facility to let us get comments to our email?

    Sometimes I forget to come back to see if you have commented on my comments and it would be great to get an email!


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