An Unpredicted Use For My Blog

I’ve discovered a use for my blog which I hadn’t predicted earlier. And that too it was work related.

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download undercover brother movie I was working on my leave planner this afternoon as I want to take a few days off for a smal vacation in May. My leave status was not updated since the first week of March but I knew that I had taken only 2 leaves since that date – one in March & one in April. I had forgotten the date of my March leave, a sick leave, and I needed to update it quickly.

nightmare city 2035 download I then remembered that I had watched a movie, Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans, on the same day of that leave. And I had posted a review of the movie the same day. So I just looked it up and got the day of my leave – 16th March!

Good work, bloggie!

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