A Week, A Month Or A Year!

Blog Idea #13. What would you do if you only have one week, month, or year to live?

I do not know what the reason is for my demise, whether it is the one week or month or year left to live. In the case of both the one week or one month left to live, I will immediately quit my job and inform my family that the end is near. They deserve to know as well.

I will then go and see a few family members and some friends so I can say goodbye. Perhaps share a meal and some drinks with some of them at our favourite restaurants or bars for old times sake. Indulge in some memory lane musings, sharing our favourite times together and make everyone laugh some jokes and antics. When the time comes to leave them, I will hug or shake hands and then take my leave and come back home.

So if I have the time I will also go and enjoy a good rest period in a luxury hotel or resort – always wanted to do that but I haven’t been to a 5 star one yet – and just chill and enjoy myself. Once that part is also done, I might indulge in some feminine companionship and enjoy an orgy or two. Hey, no point in going out unless you do it in some style. And without sex, how can you possibly go out in style?

If I had that one year before the end and know about it, I would keep the information under wraps until I had 1 month left to live. I would continue work till then but then quit and do all the things I said I would do if I only had a week or a month to live. Life is good and if you can enjoy it a lot with things that you want to do, then it is beautiful no matter how long it lasts. I would want to go out with a smile on my face.


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