Abandoned Reunion Lunch

Just like I predicted, this long weekend did not pan out like I had hoped to at all. I slept a lot, especially last night which was about 9 hours. That is crazy! I never sleep that many hours on regular days. Anyways, I ended up feeling like I lost 2 days of the week and only today did I go out and get stuff.

I went out this afternoon at around 12:30 pm and the plan was to meet up with a few former colleagues and friends for a long overdue lunch. However that was not to be as one friend had a death in the family and was called away even before he could reach and the other person had a sick child. So the remaining 3 of us called it off and postponed it for another weekend. I went and got a pizza for lunch.

Post that I went to Big Bazaar and got some shopping done for groceries and stuff. Then as it was a hot day I treated myself to a nice sundae and then I came back home to relax.

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