Access Denied!

As a result of that really, really long day I wasn’t able to go to work on time, so I arranged to come to work an hour late (I ended up working for an extra hour anyway) and my training batch were given some other activity to do and fill some forms as part of their joining the company. Today’s session was very easy to do, so I was able to relax a bit during the day. As a joke I also sent a photo of their namesakes to the three tiny ladies who are part of the training team for a another product – I christened them the Powerpuff Girls! :D

There appears to be some problem with some of the access cards, including mine, given to us by our company. I can use it to enter the ground floor but nothing else. Tomorrow they have promised to sort it out. We went to test it out at some of the doors and it was so funny since there were people waiting in the lounge area for interviews and they must have wondered what we were up to!

I really wanted to have a drink or two on my way home but when I checked the ATM my salary hadn’t been credited yet. That was at 8:30 pm but it has been credited when I just checked at 11:50 pm. Being able to check your bank account online is great!

Song for the day – “Have You Seen My Love” – BARENAKED LADIES

2 thoughts on “Access Denied!

  1. You should see them, each is 27 years old but they are kinda tiny. The name has caught on and everyone is calling them that. Even they seem to like it a lot.

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