Acting Vs Movie Making

For so long I have dreamed about being an actor and doing the kind of role & movies that I admire so much. There are so many great movies out there and every actor dreams of getting the plumb roles, where they are forced to stretch their imaginations and use up every molecule of talent in creating the character. The kind of roles that echo long after the movie has left the theatres and are onto dvds & blu rays. Long after the actor is dead. I wanted to play the kind of roles that evoke all kinds of emotions from the viewers and make they think “oh! That was awesome acting! Or was it acting at all? It was like he wasn’t playing that character but more being that character!”

Accolade, awards, speeches, reviews and women’s underwear thrown kind of performances. Yeah but over the years I’ve been interested in the stories, the camera angles, the way the movie has been shot, the casting etc etc and I just know that I would be a great filmmaker. I would write, create strories, produce & direct my own movies. And most importantly cast – I believe you can have the best script, the best dialogues and the best production & direction but it will flop if you do not have the write kind of actor for the particular roles. And ofcourse, sexy actressess – the casting couch line starts right here!

Seriously, I would have liked to take a shot at a new Star Trek or a scifi franchise. I would make it darker, more exciting than ever before and make the entire movie watching public want to come and see my movies. Oh the things that I could show you!

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