Add Water To The Powder

This has been changed a little bit to Indianize it:

Ramu had lived all his life in a tiny little village in an isolated part of India. Due to work options being highly limited his parents approached a distant relative who live in New Delhi and he agreed to get Ramu a job in a big company there. So his parents packed him off to the city and Ramu settled into a lodge and started his job. Ramu had never seen anything beyond the village and was totally unprepared for the sights and sounds of the city. His eyes glazed away as he saw all that a big city had to offer. A month later he wrote his first letter to his parents. This is how it went:

Dear Pitashri (father) & matashri (mother),

Hope this letter find you in good health. I should have written to you sooner but I had lots of things to get sorted out here in New Delhi and only then could find time to write you a letter. I am doing fine here and I am enjoying my life in the big city. There is so much to see and so much to learn. But here is the best part of being in the city.

They have something called a “supermarket” over here, which you don’t find in our village. In this one big store you find all the items you can ever need or want. Honestly, you can spend a whole day in here going through all the items and buying things that you need for home. I went there yesterday and I saw so many wonderful things. Like in one section you have milk powder – you add water to the powder and you get milk! Just like that. No cows needed. Isn’t that wonderful?

Then in the next section I saw that they had orange juice powder. You add water to the orange powder and you get orange juice. Like magic. And not a single tree in sight! That was so amazing to see……but wait you haven’t heard the best part. I walked on again and reached another section and saw that they have…………

BABY POWDER! I am making my own family tonight and by tomorrow you will be grandparents!”

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