After The Loss

The disappointment of a loss is always there. The disappointment of losing to Manchester United is greater. Because they suck and they blow and the swallow.

Not sure if this derails our chances of winning the league but it sure is dampener onto an otherwise bright last few weeks. Losing 1-3 is not the way things were supposed to happen.

One thought on “After The Loss”

  1. Ironically, the anti-spam word for my response is “better”.
    Better is the word that could be used to describe United on the night. They were the better team. Arshavin had a couple of good chances in front of goal, but couldn’t take them. The only way that they could score was through a deflection.
    However, Nani’s play on the right wing was phenomenal. His forced error for the first goal was magical, and the pass to Wayne Rooney for the second (and Rooney’s 100th Premiereship goal) was on the money. To cap it all off, Park ran half the pitch to slot in the finisher.
    I saw the match live and couldn’t have been happier with the result. Well, I guess if they had won by a margin of 5 or 6 goals then I would have been happier )
    The title race is not over – it is still a three team race – and Arsenal and Chelsea play this weekend. As a Man U supporter, I will be rooting for Arsenal!

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