Agents Mulder & Scully

Back in 1995 Star World started showing the first season of The X-files for us Indian viewers. I remember the first time I watched the show; it was in Bangalore in 1995 in my cousin’s house. It was the 3rd episode of the 1st season, “Squeeze”, which is about the guy who can squeeze himself into & through small openings like ventilation shafts & pipes and extracts the livers of his victims to prolong his existence. It creeped me out but in a cool way and I was hooked. I couldn’t watch anymore of the series until I came back to Cochin in mid-1996 and caught some of the reruns of season 1 and season 2.

Other than Star Trek, this was the first series which I was so fascinated with and wanted to know so much more than just watching the episodes. Last night I watched the pilot episode of the show, the first time I am watching it. I decided to get the series after waiting for such a long time. The pilot episode does not have the iconic opening theme music &  title sequence and features a very long looking Fox Mulder & Dana Scully – Gillian Anderson, who was already a stage veteran was only 24 years old here!

Scully is assigned by FBI management to keep tab of Mulder and reign him in from his all-consuming devotion to the X-files and back to normal cases. The duo is drawn into  mysterious deaths of a bunch of youths who all show signs of alien abduction. One of the most funniest & memorable scenes is when the agents are on the plane and as it is about to land the plane experiences turbulence; everyone is shaken up and ruffled but Mulder is relaxing on two seats, lying down and listening to music on his headphones. The legend of the X-files show is set & established as the two apprehend a previously catatonic boy, who looks like under the influence of the aliens’ experiment, is found to be guilty of killing his friends and has no clue as to how it was done.

I enjoyed watching the episode and look forward to more. I know the truth is out there.

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