Aggrived Father Of Slain Major Chases Away The CM

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a Malayalee from Bangalore, was one of those military men who died fighting the terrorists in Mumbai. Following widespread criticism of the Kerala government’s failure to officially acknowledge the supreme sacrifice made by the late Major, the Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan and Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan visited the Major’s residence in Bangalore last evening.

However, Mr. Unnikrishnan, father of Sandeep refused to meet with the two politicians and said that he did not wish his son’s death to be part of any undue publicity. He asked the two to leave. An aggrieved Unnikrishnan was seen on television chasing away the media personnel and the politicians calling them “filthy dogs” and raged at the fact that him family was not given the respect & privacy they deserved on their only son’s death.

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Although it is a tragic situation for any father to cremate his only son, I’m all cheers for Mr. Unnikrishnan for putting those politicians in their places! May the Major’s family find some peace.

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2 thoughts on “Aggrived Father Of Slain Major Chases Away The CM”

  1. My friend Bobby told me that the family had been visited by dignitaries from other states, and that their own state had not even bothered to recognize this fine man. I also heard that the CM made some very disparaging comments after being chased out of the Major’s home. Somebody, please – get rid of this guy. Politicians – most of them are nothing better than scum.

  2. The story is that they visited only upon the urging of opposition leader Umman Chandy. These politicians are a bane of our society and cousin, you know that if I could, I would rid the world or politics, religion, war, hunger, poverty & dance music.

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