Aging & Death Is Unfair

Why do we have to die? Can’t we just go on without aging? This is question that gets asked a lot of times. Someone recently told me that it isn’t fair that we have to die. Because there is a lot of things that one can do given protecting against aging, illness and death. I agree. There is a lot to see in this world. There is a lot one can learn and experience and experiment and work on. Imagine changing your field of job every 20 years or so. You want to study botany first and then chemical engineering and then another 20 years on archeology! Great and wonderful – a little thing called time, followed by a bitch called aging and something called reality just stands in your way. Practically it isn’t possible. Maybe 2 jobs or so. But not too many!

In my science fiction world that I plan to get back to writing (someday) aging has stopped. It is 7000 years into the future and technical advances have negated the need for money and the usual restrictions that we have now. No hunger, no illnesses and accidents and injuries can be fixed up in a blink of an eye. Interstellar travel is almost as easy as driving from one country to another. The exciting adventure awaiting for us on alien planets is at our grasps. People choose to spend time on different planets and worlds, studying the alien life, geology, architecture, culture, biology and technology. And due to an artificial virus that went wrong when exposed to our organic based defense systems, rendered us near immortality – we cannot die of natural causes and stopped aging at one point. So unless killed by other methods, humans are immortal and can live out their lives doing anything they want to. Spend time studying & researching various fields if you so choose to and on various planets. Wanna take a decade fishing on alien planets and sailing on a boat – great!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I dunno, it’s a silly dream that I have. Brought on by years or watching & reading a lot of science fiction. But it’s a good dream to have. No killing, no deaths, no disease or illness, no hunger, no thirst. Progress but you can’t procreate anymore and so other humans are very valuable to you as well.

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