Aliens On Earth

Alright, one of my favourite topics. Here is my answer – yes I think that aliens have visited earth. Probably quite a few alien races over centuries. And you know what, I think that they probably thought that we were worth much and they decided that we weren't worth sticking around for, so they packed up their bags and left. They might never return.

I think an alien race built the pyramids in Egypt. and the ones in Mexico (at Teotihuacan). They built it as some kind of monuments and showed the humans of that time how to do it. But it became a lost art and no one can build them the same way anymore. I also think that they might have been the mysterious and well advanced land of Atlantis, which was supposed to be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. People think that the land sank but you what I think? I think Atlantis was actually a flying city, large and able to sustain a huge population. When they decided to leave they created the illusion of a sinking land and hence the legend. In truth, they flew the flying city aka Atlantis away from Earth and back to where they came from.

Most of the aliens who visited us showed benevolence & even outright kindness. However some of them were not so polite and they did have some ulterior intentions. They wanted to enslave humans and in some cases make them subservient to them. Thus they created the illusions of being extremely powerful beings, using their advanced technology and gadgets to dazzle the natives how in turn worshiped them as gods. Thus the creation of legends of many gods in the heavens – Greek, Roman, Norse, Mayan, Incan, Hindu & the last of them Allah & Jesus.

Think about it; how come all the sightings of god were during the earlier periods of humans? When we were still so naive and lost and still not able to defend ourselves. All the gods visited earth when the only weapons we had were bows & arrows, spears, swords and a few catapults. Nothing mindblowing and certainly not dangerous to those aliens/gods. But when the guns & bombs started being created – not one single god to be seen! We frightened them fucker off and they have never come.

Think about it; all of them came and created religions. Once that work was done they are not to be seen. Fucking scardy cats all of them. In India we have hundreds of stories of all these gods coming to fight & kill all these demons and even humans deemed to be evil. Bows & arrows, spears & maces. Guns were invented – the gods lifted their dhotis and ran. Heck, they didn't help Indians during the British reign!!

So there you have it, I think aliens have visited us, created some stuff and made up a few hundred legends of gods and all such bullshit. Most humans still believe in them and even take them too far. The descendents of those old aliens are laughing at us know. "Oh those stupid humans. What nonsense they believe?" Sigh!

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