All I Want From The Future

I do not really want to leave my city. My hometown of Cochin is, in my humble opinion, the best Indian city to live in – atleast for me! Bangalore is a good place but over population and over pollution has made it difficult to live there and not to mention the cost of living is really high.

I’ve been applying to many jobs online and a couple of friends are also trying to help me out by referring my name to a few of their contacts in different companies. I’ve been called up a couple of these companies and I think I’m almost through in a really good one. Most of the companies that I have applied with are in Chennai. I do not know if I will like living in Chennai as I have heard too many different opinions about the city. The worrying aspect is the language  – I have never been able to pick up Tamil but it shouldn’t be a huge problem as Chennai is a metro – and the heat.

Anyway, I have a feeling that my life is going to take a big change and I hope it will be right choice and the right decision when I do finally move. All I want for my residence is a small but neat & modern 1 bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall with access to cable tv and the internet. Honestly, I do not need much more. A good neat bar and a coffeeshop nearby would be nice too.

Update: I re-read this blog post and felt that I had to add this part – I’m not in any way implying that Cochin is not crowded and polluted! Far from it; the city is getting more & more crowded and several mornings/evenings it is difficult to avoid a traffic jam. Mosquitoes fill the night air as the open drainage system feeds the little vampires with a breeding ground fit for the best of pests.

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