All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is a 2006 movie directed by Johnathan Levine and starring  Amber Heard, Michael Welch,Whitney Able, and Anson Mount. This is one of the movies I heard about from discussions in a Facebook group that is frequented by fans of horror & slasher movies.

Mandy Lane is a shy, introverted but very popular girl in high school mainly due to the fact that she is extremely beautiful but unattainable. She gets lots of attention from the males, and even some envious glances from the girls, but seems to not date anyone. She is invited one evening to the house party by Dylan and agrees only if her best friend Emmet can come as well. At the party by the pool Emmet & Dylan clash when the latter tries to get fresh with Mandy and later a drunk Dylan joins Emmet on the roof of the house. Emmet convinces Dylan to jump into the pool to impress Mandy but Dylan hits his head on the side of the pool and dies. 9 months later it seems like Mandy has kept her distance from Emmet post the incident but has made new friends. Red invites a small group to his family cattle ranch and Mandy agrees to join her new circle of friends. On the way they stop and steal a keg of beer from a man in a truck and head to the ranch. At the entrance to the ranch land, Chloe refuses to take her car further due to cattle dirt and so, due to shortage of seats, Bird & Mandy walk. Bird asks to hold her hand and then asks to kiss her so she lets him kiss her on the cheek when they meet Garth the ranch hand who drives them to the house.

Once at the house, the kids go swimming in a nearby lake, and later begin drinking and playing games. After Marlin & Chloe make a disparaging remark about Jake’s penis size, he walks out and Marlin follows him to a shed. Once there Marlin engages in oral sex with Jake but is pissed off when he refuses to reply in kind. He walks off with the torch leaving her there alone. She is then attacked by a hooded figure with a double barrel shotgun and knocked unconscious, while Jake goes back to the house and the lights go out. Red goes to help Chloe who was upstairs alone at the time, while Bird goes to start the generator and iron bridge lending Mandy gets some candles from the kitchen. Jake confesses to her that turned the power off in order to spend time alone with her; he tries to kiss her, but she refuses and he storms out. Jake leaves as the others all get back and continue drinking & smoking joints in the living room. Jake, having also been rejected by Chloe takes his truck goes to look for Marlin and finds her sitting by the lake; when he realizes she is injured, he is pushed into the lake and then shot to death; the hooded killer then breaks Marlin’s neck with the butt of the shotgun. Back at the house Garth joins the remaining four when they are attacked by firecrackers by the hooded figure in Jake’s car and Bird goes in chase of the car and finds – Emmet who then blinds Bird and kills him. At the ranch, Mandy falls asleep in the kitchen and Red and Chloe fall asleep on the couch. In the morning, the killer enters the house and approaches sleeping Mandy, stroking her hair. Garth hears noise in the kitchen and suspects someone is in the house, but upon rushing downstairs finds Mandy still asleep with blood on her hair; “wake up” is spelled out on alphabet magnets on the refrigerator. Garth and Mandy realize that they need to leave and go to wake up Red and Chloe.

As they open the door Emmet shoots at Garth injuring him. While Mandy tends to his wounds Chloe & Red run through the back door to get help. They stop at the car at the entrance of the ranch and hug and kiss in relief but Red is shot from afar and then beaten to death by Emmet. Chloe runs back to the house with Emmet in close pursuit in the truck. Garth has Mandy run to his cabin to get his keys and a first aid kit and she also finds the knife that was used to kill Bird in there. Mandy takes it and runs back when she sees Chloe, hysterical as she has seen Bird, Jake & Marlin all lying dead, running towards her chased by the car.  Chloe runs to Mandy, but upon embracing her, Mandy stabs her in the stomach and caresses her until she collapses. While Chloe bleeds to death, Mandy & Emmet laugh and talk about their suicide pact; they had agreed that Mandy will take pills and shoot Emmet in the heart! However Mandy reveals that she has no plans to die and they both begin fighting when Garth sees then and shoots at Emmet, who then attacks him. Mandy runs into the fields, chased by Emmet, and falls into a ditch full of cattle carcasses, where the two fight. Mandy eventually gets hold of Emmet’s machete, and stabs him to death. She then helps the wounded Garth into his jeep. They drive away, and Garth thanks Mandy for saving him, assuming her to be a victim in Emmet’s murder plot.

At the end of the movie we see a flashback to the 6 friends goofing off at a railroad track and Mandy is seen balancing on the tracks, giving the camera a knowing look. Having her parents killed at a young age has had a bizarre effect on her mind, despite being raised by a loving aunt who took her in. Not bad, with a good twist in the end. It’s an ok film but you are left waiting for something to happen for a long time while just watching 5 teenagers drinking & talking crap. 6.5 outta 10!

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