Almost Peed Myself

I was just speaking to a lady friend of mine who recently got engaged and come back to town after a long trip away. During her trip, which I hadn’t known about, she wasn’t online save for a few hours here and there to check her emails. But once she reached her sister’s place she could use get online, using her brother-in-law’s laptop and internet connection. Now she couldn’t chat with her friends as she couldn’t get Gtalk on it and didn’t want to try installing it as it wasn’t her laptop….but this is how she told it to me

Now what my innocently talking friend said was “I didn’t find Gtalk on the laptop but I didn’t want to try downloading and installing it and experimenting on the lap (short for laptop ofcourse). It wasn’t my lap and not even my sister’s lap but since it was my brother-in-law’s lap, I didn’t want to experiment on it!!!!!”

Can you see why I almost died of laughter???

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