Am I Asking Too Much?

Have you ever considered which song you would want to be played at your funeral?

When my cousin Manoj came down to India for a visit in 1999, we both drove in a car to Palghat to attend his cousin’s (but not mine) wedding. All the way back and forth he played this song, atleast 50 times on the car stereo. And he turned to me and said that if he died before me, I was to play this song at his funeral.

Now, we come from a hindu family (read that hypocrites for whom rituals mean more than the actual person’s feelings & wishes) so I told him that if I did that, I would be banned from society and hounded like a paraiah by the rest of our members of our large extended family. But he insisted and so I gave in and promised him.

I hope I die before you, Manoj!

The song is All I Want Is Everything by Def Leppard, which is about a dying man’s lament.

3 thoughts on “Am I Asking Too Much?”

  1. You mean, the “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonite”, that song?

    The “aweeeeheeeheeea, wimba aweh awimba aweh” song?

    Your dad is funny.

  2. Well Roshan, I’m still holding you to that! I must admit that I’ve given this some more thought, especially during the last few months. There are other songs that I feel I should add, but this one still tops the list. I do remember the trip to Palakkad that year, and had a lot of fun doing it. Chances are more than likely that I will leave this earth before you – so please don’t forget!

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