Am I Done With French Fries From Fast Food Joints?

A few years ago I think I even blogged that whenever I go have drinks at one of the bars that I go to or even the Lotus club, one of the snacks that I will order or am sure that it will be in the offering is French fries. French fries is a staple for meals and snacks ever since I was a kid. When I buy sandwiches or burger at a cafe/restaurant I will usually have fries with my main meal. KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, Chicking etc etc fast food chains all serve French Fries and usually when I order food from them I will order 2 or 3 (for my parents and myself) along with the main course if you will.

The same for other place but I have been feeling a bit off of French Fries all of a sudden. It’s not my fav choice of side anymore and not just that, I don’t seem to enjoy them as much. Maybe a bit of fries fatigue. So instead of fries I actually look around the menu for some other sides that I can order instead of the fries. Maybe wedges instead of fries, or a hashbrown or two. Better yet some onion rings or chicken wings. Delicious. Especially when it comes to McDonalds, KFC, Chicking & Burger King – the big chains are failing me! Add Taco Bell to that mix although I do think they are somewhat better. If it wasn’t for my dad, who wants French fries with his fried chicken, I wouldn’t buy them anymore from KFC & Chicking.

I’m just done with the almost bland taste of the fries from these places. There are just better side. However from more local cafes and restaurants, I do think they make it much better. Crispier and and fluffier in the middle. I don’t mind getting them from those cafes and even a few bars.

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