Mid-week Day Off

Back to work we go. Yesterday one of the big political parties called a state wide hartal (work and business strike) due to some incidents they had with one of their members being killed in one district and a fight in loans for a wedding another. Hence I did not go to work and instead will be going to work on Saturday to compensate. I could have gone in at a later hour (the hartal was 6am to 6pm) and not worked on Saturday but I am needed on saturday for some other stuff anyway.

So yesterday was an unexpected day off and I couldn’t really enjoy it and go out due to the hartal. All shops and stores were closed until 7pm and I didn’t feel like going at that time. I instead had a chicken ham and cheese sandwich at home (my folks and sister did go out for a couple of hours) and lazed around all day – even managing an afternoon nap for 90 minutes or so.

It’s also getting warmed, especially in the late afternoons and evenings too. This afternoon I had hot water coming in through the pipes of my sink and shower for a while due to the hot sunny day. And mosquitoes abound. I hate that.

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