An Afternoon @ Couchin

Today Sujith & I decided to go out and have some fun. But before I went anywhere else first, I needed a haircut. My hair, although balding on the top of my head was still long and as it gets unruly very quickly and blows all over my face in the wind, I needed to get it cut. So after a nice long cold shower (no heater for me), I changed and went to Mama Mia hair cutting saloon. Getting my hair cut always reminds me of how much I am balding. There’s hair missing just above the forehead as my hairline is receding and there’s a bald spot on top of my head. I fear the day that the twain shall meet! Sigh, balding blows but other than a hair transplant or a wig there’s nothing much I can do about it. Genetics has not been kind to me. Fuck!

After that I went over to Convent Junction and waited for a while as Sujith was still on his way to town. I decided to go into Archies and get a present for my sister’s kids. I browsed through all the selections and finally bought a board game called ‘Life’ for the kids. I got that packed and then went into Coffee Cube. Sujith joined me in 10 minutes and we got Caramel Frappes and talked about where we should go for drinks and lunch. Couchin was the popular choice – of the both of us – especially as neither of us have ever been there. So, into an auto we went and we ended up at the Grand Hotel (“it was empty and cold and bare but with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside…” ) They have this nice pub in their building called ‘Couchin’ – get it? It’s a play on the words couch and Cochin. Nice.

The place is very dark and sleek looking with some big comfy couches, sofas and low tables, bar stools at the counter and some smaller tables on one section. We took a table and checked out the menu. Everything is priced way above what it should be! Fucking expensive place and the waiters have a snobbish attitude. We decided to stick to beer as everything else was ridiculously costly and ordered two Kingfishers each and a plate of chicken wings which was very good. Then we also had the barbecued sausages, which were dipped in barbecue sauce and tasted amazingly great!


The place is amazingly decorated and even the bathrooms are so sexy & sleek looking. I thought they did a swell job of decorating the place. A few lighted indoor water fountains, with alternating red, blue and green lights would look so cool in there and maybe I should tell them that the next time I visit. Couple of big screen tvs are also hooked up with cable access.

We were hungry but the place only serves snacks so after more than 2 hours & 2 beers later we went to Chinese Garden and had lunch which didn’t taste as good as the food at Couchin. Will I go to Couchin again? Yes I would but it wouldn’t be to have a meal just drinks and some eats and its better to go with a couple of friends atleast. It’s not a place to sit by yourself and drink. Nice ambience, nice furniture, good food but their service is slow and their waiters rude and the wares and too fucking expensive. Over-priced is more accurate a description. Till next time!

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