An Early Evening Out With The Guys

How does on recharge from a tiring week at work and all the bull shit that comes along with the territory of working for a corporate? You get by with a little help from your friends.

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Anil had called me a few days back to say that he would be in town once again and that we should get together. Madhu also called me up and said that he would be free on Saturday evening. They wanted to know if I could get off work early, since Madhu wanted to be back home by around 8:30 pm in order to have a quite Valentine’s day dinner with his wife. I said that I would try to get out of the office early but that it was unlikely.

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So, yesterday by around 6:15 pm I was outta my office and boarding a bus to Marine Drive. I was delayed even further when I went to the ATM booth and saw that there was a big line over there. I waited for almost 30 minutes to get to damn machine and get some money out. Then I rushed over to the walkway behind Bay Pride Mall and met up with the dudes.

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We spent a little time chatting and then walked to get some food. Although Madhu wanted to go home and eat, he said that he would join us. So looking around for a nice, quite place to eat some Chinese food, I suggested South Star above Bimbis. I hadn’t been there in ages but I remember the food being quite good. So we went in and order a plate of egg noodles & veg fried rice. We decided to stick to fish and ordered a plate each Szechwan fish & garlic fish. We had a Sprint each (like a poor tasting Sprite) each while we waited for our orders. No alcohol tonight.

And we ended the early evening with ice cream (I had butter scotch) and then shared an auto. I reached home before 9 pm, the earliest I have been back home after an evening out. By 9 pm, I was relaxed and watching Shark and out like a light by 10:30 pm. I must have slept for a good solid 10 hours easy. Nice way to work myself into Sunday. Thanks guys!

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